Have you ever come home on a mild day just to walk in and wonder why your living room felt so hot? You might be tempted to simply tap that thermostat to cool things down, but then realize that you’ve already set things to your desired temperature. The issue may be that your home’s interior is just holding too much humidity, and can make things feel much warmer than they actually are!

Humidity is a measure of the water content of the air. A lot of times people will talk about “relative humidity” or moisture as a percentage of how much water vapor the air could possibly carry at the current temperature. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. This is why summer days after a Texas rain storm can feel so muggy, and why air conditioners make the air a little drier, leading to your skin feeling dry and chilled.

So what are your options? How can you adjust the humidity to keep things comfy without sacrificing your energy usage and adjusting the temperature?

Like we said, humid air holds heat and makes it feel warmer. During the Spring and Summer, humidity in your home should be about 40 percent. Picking up a small dehumidifier can help drop the humidity in a room, but be aware that this will only work in a single room. The best way to control humidity is to be sure rooms are well ventilated and are not holding moisture anywhere.

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Jackson Ralston

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