As the temperature drops, there’s some important steps you should take inside your home to manage your energy usage. Find out why your fan’s spin direction is essential.

Most people think of fans in terms of cooling the home, but they can do even more than that! Your ceiling fan is a great way to better utilize your heating system. Do you know if your fan is properly helping to warm your home? Have you ever even flicked that directional switch on the fan? It’s time to grab the ladder and check!

Switch your ceiling fans to clockwise rotation in the cooler months. When the fan rotates in a clockwise direction, it helps to circulate the warm air. This helps to lower your usage with your heating system. Also, slower rotation is ideal for producing an effective updraft that circulates warm air without producing a wind chill effect.

With 4Change Energy, you can rest assured your plan and price is helping you save year-round! Looking for more energy saving tips? Check out our resource page here.

Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
Jackson is a digital film and video production/social media specialist that not only enjoys those roles as a job but as a hobby as well. In his free time Jackson creates videos for his YouTube channel about his passions in auto culture.

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