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Teaming Up to Fight Childhood Cancer at the Heart of Gold 5K

Sep 29, 2017 | Giving Back, Our Causes | 0 comments

At 4Change Energy, we are incredibly proud of what our charitable partners are doing each and every day to drive change with their respectable cause. When the opportunity came for us to step up and sponsor the Heart of Gold 5K with our friends at Heroes for Children – we quite literally ran towards the opportunity. Each year Heroes for Children and Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer, in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, join forces to generate the largest impact in their efforts to achieve a joint mission… to serve, support and celebrate families with a child battling cancer. In order to do this they host an annual event called the Heart of Gold 5K – Run for the Children. The goal is to bring the communities of DFW and across the state together to lift up those who have been touched by such a horrid disease. We are very honored to have been able to sponsor the annual balloon release and attend such a great event. It’s because of our customers that we are able to do what we do, and for charities like Heroes for Children that reach out and take the hand of those battling cancer.


4Change Energy

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