Hit High Bills Head On  Save Energy and Have Fun!


Ahh, Summer. It’s sneaking up quickly and in Texas that means “when it rains, it pours.” Sort of. What we really mean is, “when it’s hot, our boots melt to the pavement and the steak cooks itself.” Truthfully, if you’ve lived here long enough, we Texans actually do enjoy Summer. Every activity with an “in’” at the end becomes more enjoyable. Ridin’, swimmin’, floatin’, grillin’ – so what about savin’? This week on the Wire blog we’re hitting high bill season head on and sharing ways you can save energy and have fun!

1.       Cool Off Naturally

We know how to chill out in Texas, and we all know the best way to do that is by getting in the water. Whether it’s floating down the Guadalupe, diving into Lake Ray Hubbard or coasting down on the Gulf – turning off your A/C and getting out for a day on the lake is a free and easy way to relax and cool off all while cutting your energy usage.

2.       Fire Up the Grill

Texans know a little something about grilling. And by a little, we mean a lot. And by a lot, we mean save a lot of energy. Propane and charcoal grills both cook your food without being plugged in. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy a weekend in your backyard without running a stove top or oven! We’d argue that it doesn’t get much more Texan than a backyard barbecue with a cooler full of cold ones.

3.       Dodge the Sun

Sunscreen is a lifesaver on bright, sunny days but don’t forget our trees! Texas is known for our oak and elm trees, out east are sprawling pine forests and who could forget pecans! What we’re trying to say here is to enjoy the shade! Rope up an old tire swing and hang around or relax in a hammock with a good book and a glass of sweet tea.

Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
Jackson is a digital film and video production/social media specialist that not only enjoys those roles as a job but as a hobby as well. In his free time Jackson creates videos for his YouTube channel about his passions in auto culture.

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