How Smart Devices Save Money on Electricity Bills

4Change Energy is all about making a difference in our communities and saving you money each month on your energy bill. Electricity shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, nor should it stress you out in the hottest of summer months or coldest winter days. But what if an electronic device could do the stressful work for you when it comes to setting your indoor temperature? Every day, more and more Texans are installing smart thermostats in their homes to make managing their energy usage easier and more efficient. 4Change Energy loves smart thermostats so much that we regularly give them away on our Facebook page and customers are loving it! Is a smart thermostat right for you? Let’s look at what and how smart devices save you money this week on the Wire blog!

40% of Americans with programmable thermostats don’t even have them configured to a schedule, and most people are content with adjusting the temperature based on how they feel. But, with temperature changes and work schedules, this can become an annoying occurrence and set you up for unexpectedly high energy usage. Smart thermostats do the work for you. Most use motion sensors to adjust the schedule based on when you leave and arrive home. By setting the temperature lower or higher during the day based on the weather, saves you from running your unit while you’re at work. In a nutshell, smart thermostats save you money by adjust the temperature while you’re away to a high or low setting, essentially setting your air conditioning unit to an “idle” mode.

When you do arrive home or the thermostat detects a schedule change, your home powers up and you’re on your way to a cozy night in. There are so many other features built into smart thermostats that you have to try it out for yourself! The best part though in our opinion is the ability to control it all from your smart phone. No more climbing out of bed on Saturday morning to adjust the thermostat is money well spent.

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Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
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