Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season!

The seasons are changing and it’s time to start preparing your home for Fall! No, not breaking out the decor – but keeping up with important maintenance around the house. While we still have a while before Winter hits in Texas, well, let’s be honest what are seasons anyways – it’s never too early to make sure things are in order before we pack it in for the year.

Here’s a list of some simple chores you can do around the house to prepare for Fall and into Winter!

1.       Stow your lawn mower

2.       Store hoses and turn off or reschedule your sprinklers

3.       Seal cracks around doors and windows

4.       Clean your gutters

5.       Inspect your roof

6.       Direct drainage away from your home

7.       Get furnace or other heat appliance inspected

8.       Prune your plants

9.       Check chimneys for blockage

For the full checklist and more info on preparing your home for Fall, check out House Logic’s article here.

Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
Jackson is a digital film and video production/social media specialist that not only enjoys those roles as a job but as a hobby as well. In his free time Jackson creates videos for his YouTube channel about his passions in auto culture.

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