How Does                      Wind Energy Work?

As a Texan, you’re probably familiar with our expanses of lonely highways especially if you’ve ever travelled between Lubbock and DFW. You’re probably also familiar with the towering white windmills that spread across an open field only separated by a far reaching barbed wire fence. But, are those windmills? Technically speaking, no. They’re wind turbines and may be powering your home using wind energy right now!

If there’s one way folks can go green without mounting solar panels on their roofs it’s signing up for an energy plan that utilizes wind energy. With 4Change Energy, you can get just that!

So how does it work?

The turbines work in a simple manner given their size. When the Texas winds get moving, the turbine’s blades spin which rotate a motor that produces electricity.

The whole operation works much like your standard house fan, except backwards. The turbines don’t spin and create wind, the wind spins each unit. Inside each unit is a generator that has many different gears and mechanical pieces that generate the electricity. The propellers connect to a shaft that connects to gears inside a generator. As the kinetic energy is transformed into mechanical energy, a generator then can convert this into electricity. All while this is happening, the electricity is being distributed to home and offices much like your own.

Not so much interested in the technology behind it all?

“Hey 4Change! I just want to go green with my energy plan!”

We get it. Some benefits of wind energy include it being an inexhaustible renewable energy source, it creates jobs and can provide income for farmers and ranchers who lease their land. Wind systems also don’t cost a lot to run, don’t use any water and it’s all 100% clean energy.

So, wind energy… pretty cool right? If you’re interested in signing up for a wind plan of your own, head over to and type in your zip code to view our plans and pricing. Our Green Saver 12 utilizes 100% Texas wind in a 12 month fixed price package. For more information on wind energy, visit The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s website here.

Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
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