The heat is on! Many of you might be feeling the anxiety from last summer, or February’s winter storm. “Will my rate change during high usage days?” you might ask yourself. If you’re on a fixed rate plan, you don’t need to worry about your price changing day to day!

A fixed-rate plan is a retail electric plan with a term of at least 3 months for which the price for each billing period of the contract term is the same throughout the contract term except for certain changes in TDU charges or laws that impose new or modified costs beyond our control. The details of your plan are broken out on your EFL.

The 4Change energy charge component of your rate will never change for the duration of your fixed rate plan. However, your local TDU reserves the right to adjust its charges which are passed through to you without markup. Also changes in laws or regulations that impose new or modified costs beyond our control could change your price. Such changes directly impact your average price per kilowatt hour.

A fixed rate plan must have a term of at least 3 months and the price is fixed for the duration of the plan except for changes in TDU charges or certain laws mentioned above.

A variable rate can fluctuate from month to month with no minimum term requirement.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or give us a call!

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