Common Cold or the Flu?

There’s more to this time of year than just turning leaves and chilly weather. Coughing, sneezing and days away from work are all too common. Many know it’s flu season, but did you know that the common cold is often mistaken for the flu? This week on the Wire blog, we’re sharing tips on how you can tell the difference between the common cold or the flu!

The flu and common cold are both similar in symptoms, but they’re caused by different viruses. It can be difficult at times to really tell which one you have. Picture this, you wake up in the night with some aches, feeling tired with a stuffy nose and cough. You go for the medicine cabinet, but you’ve got 3 different kinds of medicine for different ailments. You wonder if you need to make a doctor appointment or need to call in for work. Do you have the flu, or a cold?

The flu is generally worse than the common cold. While the flu’s symptoms are more common, they are often more intense. Someone who has a cold are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose than someone with the flu. If you believe you have a cold but symptoms become worse, it may be time to get to the doctor.

Don’t leave it up to chance! Each year we recommend to our 4Change employees to get their annual flu shot as well as stay home of they feel sick. Be sure you consult with your doctor regarding symptoms you experience. Remember, it’s flu season – always wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your arm and stay healthy!

Is it a cold or flu?

For more information on the flu vs. common colds visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s page here.

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