American Cancer Society Relay for Life

May 24, 2017 | Giving Back | 0 comments

American Cancer Society dares to imagine a world free from cancer. This year 4Change Energy was a proud sponsor of the 2017 Relay for Life event held by the American Cancer Society. In sponsoring this event we join in the American Cancer Society’s mission “to free the world from cancer”.
The Relay for Life is an amazing opportunity to support the fundraising efforts of the American Cancer Society. In this event team members took turns walking around a designated track for 4 hours until 9:30 at night. The relay signifies the fact that cancer never sleeps. According to the ACS website “Cancer patients don’t stop because they’re tired, and for one night, neither do we.” We’re able to continue our support of the American Cancer Society thanks to the thousands of households who choose to be ‘Smart with heart’ by selecting 4Change Energy as their electricity provider. Choosing 4Change Energy as your electricity provider is not only a smart low cost solution, but it also directly impacts the communities around Texas by donating 4% of our profits to our charities. If want to learn more about the causes 4Changers support check out the Causes section of our blog. To donate or learn more about the American Cancer Society follow the link below: AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY:


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