Feeling a little chill? It’s that time again in Texas where we walk the fine line of cold and warm weather. One day it’s 50 degrees, the next it’s 75 then drops to 32 the following morning. So here’s the deal, you’re looking to warm up but you don’t want to keep switching on your HVAC and adjusting the temperature, so what do you do? Break out the space heater, we’re reviewing a few different ways to warm up without running your heater!

Most folks have a space heater buried somewhere in their closet. They range in sizes and can efficiently warm a small office or provide comfort in your living room. The efficient thing about them is they conserve energy by heating rooms that are in use rather than your whole house. Be aware, some types of space heaters consume less amounts of energy than others. An Eco-heater, for example, uses less energy when compared with other types. It uses energy as low as 400 watts, compared to a convection space heater, which uses about 1500 watts. If you’re running a space heater, always be aware of its surroundings and don’t leave it totally unattended.

Looking for a warm embrace? Try a heated blanket! Heated blankets come in all shapes and sizes ranging from king sized goliaths to personal sized ‘kick your husband off the couch’ products. Using a low wattage electric blanket can keep your heating costs to a minimum, even though electric blankets consume just a fraction of the energy required by a furnace or space heater. A good, heated blanket uses about 400 watts of electricity and costs on average $42.72 per year if you use it every single night.

And finally, the mostly free option, a fireplace! Not all homes and apartments in Texas have a wood burning fireplace, but those that do certainly enjoy a cozy night in by the crackle of a fire. Wood burning fireplaces act similar to a space heater in the sense that they will only warm a room and its occupants, not the entire house.

So cozy up and try out one of these options when the nights get cold. You’ll run your HVAC less and save money!

Jackson Ralston

4Change Energy
Jackson is a digital film and video production/social media specialist that not only enjoys those roles as a job but as a hobby as well. In his free time Jackson creates videos for his YouTube channel about his passions in auto culture.

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