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*Data from customer satisfaction survey results of customers who had been with 4Change Energy more than 30 days.

We think 4Change Energy is a pretty great company—and our customers do, too! And while we would love to pat ourselves on the back, we’ll let some of our customer reviews do that for us.

Below is a list of some recent 4Change Energy reviews we’ve received via email, Facebook, and a customer satisfaction survey. Take a look!

Featured Reviews 

 “I am sure glad I found 4Change Energy. I am very very pleased with everything: services, charges, easy website, all is great!” – Perla M.
To Whom It May Concern, This company seems amazing and I appreciate what you do for me. Often times we only hear about the negative things, but I think it’s important that you know I appreciate your service, friendliness, reasonable rates, and down to earth attitude. More than anything, I appreciate the power you provide to this South Dakota boy’s air conditioner here in Houston. Due to the power you provide to my AC, I’m sure Gold Bond sales have been cut in half. God bless you and keep up the good work. Sincerely,
A non sweaty, non chaffing, comfortable Tyler C.

Lower Prices

“The prices are amazingly low compared to my last provider and I love the charity component!” – Lesa R. 
“I literally couldn’t be happier with my electricity bill. Just got it in the email. $24 WOOOOOOOO YEAH BUDDY. It truly makes being a single full time father easier.” – Corey M.
“4Change Energy is reliable and affordable. My husband and I are both teachers, so we have to budget every month. 4Change Energy has made it possible for us to save some money, even in the hot months like July and August. We really appreciate companies that don’t try to overcharge people!” – Rachael K.
“I like that it’s cheap AND green!” – Simeon B.
“No minimum usage charge. Encourage conservation of electricity unlike almost every other provider around.” – Chris W.
“I love the affordability of green energy that helps the community. Green energy should compose a greater proportion of our energy as a nation and a planet.” – Charles T.
“My monthly bill is 1/3 of what it was before switching over. Makes me happy!” – Karen J.
“The most competitive prices I’ve seen!” – Natalie D.
“The amount of my monthly bill and the fact that I have had no problems with my service.” – Elsie L.
“[I like] how easy 4Change has been to work with, that some proceeds go to charity and that 100% is renewable energy. As long as rates are competitive I will never change providers if I don’t have to do so. This is the only electric company I have ever had that I talk to everyone I can about trying to change. More would if they were not in a CO-OP.” – Nathan H.
“Low cost per kilowatt with a minimum of 1,000 used and your support of local charities which is an awesome benefit that you offer!!!” – Blenda H.

Excellent Customer Service

 “Customer service is excellent. I love everything about 4Change.” Savannah S.
“They don’t respond like a cold corporate company. They’ve offered perks that I was surprised by, and grateful for.” Patricia M.
“We had a death in the family last summer and it was a very hard and chaotic week. I received an email stating that my payment did not go thru and it was SO nice to receive a non-threatening email stating “no worries, numbers get transposed”. I did not have to fear that energy would be cut off or that there would be a huge fee. I was given the opportunity to update my billing information without penalty or stress. I was so grateful for that.” – Adrienne B.
“I wanted you to know that I had a great service experience when I switched over to your company. Yolanda was very patient and informative as she answered my many questions and researched my location so we could complete the enrollment in one session. She was so helpful I did not even consider giving reliant a chance to retain my business. She is an asset to your team. Great pricing, supported by a “no hassle” high service level is a winning combination.” – John H.
“Customer Service is at an all time high. When I have questions or even a minor website issue customer service will go over and beyond to have the issue rectified as soon as possible.” – Mary C.
“I liked that when I had problems registering I was able to leave my name and number and have a person call me back. They were very helpful and fixed my problem immediately.” – Frank H.
“I like how you have set expectations and have met them. That says a lot about the kind of company you are. I also like the fact that you communicate well, and I appreciate the humor/edginess to your communication. You make it “fun” – as much as you can, for electricity.” – Theodore M.
“I like the customer service feel. The promotions you run on Facebook each week really make me feel like you care about your customers.” – Thomas P.
“[I like] the flexibility and courtesy. I wasn’t notified when my bill was due and you extended the due date. That was EXCELLENT!” – Tiera B.
“Jaylon did an outstanding job! I called in very upset and he was very professional! He was also very patient and didn’t cut me off while I was venting. Jaylon is very passionate and is great asset to 4Change Energy. He didn’t belittle my situation. He told me what he could do for me.” – Wade O.
“I am so happy with my service, my bill and the fact a donation goes to help others. I try to make a difference in various ways and this helps. Thank you!” – Angelica G.
“Live person [on] every call and response with every email. I love you guys!” – Becky M.
“We had a few glitches with the new address and Angela and Esgar went ABOVE AND BEYOND to get someone out to the new property to get the electricity turned on. I spoke with Angela multiple times and Esgar once. Both took a personal interest and genuine caring attitude about my problem. This is by far the BEST customer service I have ever received from a utility company. I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciated the extra help and I will remain a 4 Change Energy customer as well as share my great customer service experience with anyone I can. Thanks again for the caring attitude and having reasonable rates. I look forward to a long relationship with you guys.” – Kelly S.
“Customer Service was a lot more helpful and courteous.” – Irene B.
“Easy setup and good customer service.” – Anisa A.
“[I like] the price and the additional focus on charities and customer care.” – Michael P.
“Customer service has always been very nice and we’ve had no problems.” – Shannon A.
“The customer service is great. Your employee Michael is FANTASTIC AND AWESOME. I also like the fact that you give money to a charity I pick, that is very important to me!” – Nicole D.
“[I like the] customer service. I never have a bad experience. They are enjoyable, easy-going. Other businesses could learn from your training model. You should be proud of your company. You actually changed how I relate to all companies and customer service.” – Marion G.
“I recently became a 4Change customer for my new home when I moved to Dallas. Just last month, we bought a house to rent to my son and I changed the electricity in that house to 4Change. Not knowing that I had done that my son called to terminate his service in his apartment and change it to his new address. The result: chaos and some termination fees for both of us. I called your customer service line and was connected to Angela. What I thought was going to be a nightmare became a pleasant experience. She took care of everything with great customer service skills. So here I am—a happy 4Change customer…..and so is my son!” – Jan P.
“[I switched because of the] cost and felt 4Change Energy was an honest, good company that provides great service and gives back to the community.” – Jason N.


“[I like the] instant online payments through my debit card and how the company has a positive, optimistic ability to change the environment.” – Kyle C.
“We signed up with 4 Change Energy in September 2013 when we moved into an apartment, here in Fort Worth. We liked the idea of “giving back” to charities we could choose and felt your rates were very reasonable. So, when we recently purchased a town home here, we naturally decided to stay with 4 Change Energy. SOOOOO glad we did!”
– Kelly S.
“You are local, and you support charity… I work for Meals on Wheels. Giving back is important to me.” – Ruth T.
“Right now I’m on a very tight budget, but God willingly once my job settles I love the fact of donating to those that need. I would like to choose who to donate it to, but either way is for a good cause.” – Alba D.
“I love that we can contribute to a charity, anytime I can offer anything I have I really try to.” – Patrice W.
“The giving back to a charity. It is a wonderful company mission and I feel awesome that a part of my payment is helping others.” – Kaitlyn S.
“4Change had the cheapest rates and I liked the giving back principal.” – Hillary H.
“They offered cheap and affordable energy and benefited a good cause!” – Jonathan A.
“I like that I am making a small contribution each month to better my city.” – Kathryn S.


 “Every aspect is easy to deal with.” – Kelsey T.
“Everything is easy, I always understand my bill, and the cost is great.” – Stephanie B.
“It’s easy and an easy choice to make because I feel like my money is being appropriately spent by 4 change. It’s effortless.” – Amy H. 
“Where to start… I love 4Change! I’m only taking this survey because I feel strongly about 4Change… never would have thought I could care much about a utility provider. Not only is the value great, but I like feeling that I’m dealing with a responsible company (charities, environmental focus) and the enrollment / auto-pay is easy. I don’t ever have to think about it.” – Jessica L.
“Simplicity – as my provider I expect you to determine the best value for my circumstances and not come up with a variety of plans to entice me into thinking I’m getting something other than what you as my provider think is best for me and offers you a fair profit margin. Just old fashioned concerning provider/user relationships.” – David M.
“[I like] the ease of paying the bill and seeing what I want on the website.” – Jill H.
“4Change is quick, simple and so far has kept the competitive advantage which is why I have continued to renew. Plus the charitable aspect is very neat.” – Justin
“I get email reminders long before my plan is due to expire. No issues with online payments. I don’t get spammed trying to sell something through 4Change.” – Jack W.
“Everything works great. I know your energy is reliable and reasonably priced, so I don’t have to worry about it.” – Nathan M.
“Online based payments and prompt customer service over the phone as well as the price!” – Jesus C.
“It’s just a really easy process. You make it easy for the customer to buy! You give all the facts and there is no catch. [I like the] cheap rates and knowing my money went to charity and not towards a CEO’s new BMW.” – Christina A.
“I suppose the online account access is the best feature.” – Jeremy S.

*The survey includes data collected from customers over the last 12 months.

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