We believe in the People of Texas.

Giving back to the people of Texas is our mission and that’s why we contribute 4% of our profits to causes that you care about. When you choose us as your electricity provider, others can enjoy food on their table, relief after disaster, hope for a cure, and some quality family time despite fighting childhood illness.


No one should go hungry – especially not in our communities. That’s why we support ending hunger in every city across Texas. By providing your electricity, we can provide food to those who need it. And you can feel good about giving without doing a thing.


Cancer prevention and research is something worth fighting for. That’s why we’ve chosen this category as one of the recipients of our charitable donation program. Because sometimes turning on the lights can mean turning on ideas that could change a life.


When disaster strikes, people need relief immediately. And when it hits close to home, it’s even more important to help.Choosing this category means that money will go to relief organizations, which stand at the ready to support our neighbors through flood, tornado, and other disasters.


Helping children who face serious illness is a cause near and dear to many, as it should be. Illness is tough on anyone, but especially children. Choosing this cause means donating money toward care and hope for kids with serious illness.

Check Out Recent Charity Happenings:

Let Your Light Shine – Tell Your Story. Bring Them Home.

Can we be real for a minute and talk about a very serious issue? Science has proven time and time again that people like you are **157% more likely to trust other people like you than they are to trust a company that is trying to win their business (like us). So we’re calling on extraordinary citizens like you to tell your story!

Our Charities

Supporting the communities we serve is not just a one-time marketing slogan. We’re proud to work with our charities and partners to support Texans.

It’s More than Just Energy, it’s Charity

At 4Change Energy, we set out to give you more than just an energy company. We sought to build a personal connection and create a company that you can rely on for years to come. We also wanted things to be easy on your wallet and power more than just your home, but the whole community.

Teaming Up to Fight Childhood Cancer at the Heart of Gold 5K

We’ve teamed up with Heroes for Children to support families touched by cancer.

The 4Change Team Has a Special Delivery for the American Red Cross

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the 4Change Team delivers!


4Change Energy sponsored and had employees star in the new North Texas Food Bank safety video. See the video live and in person by volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank.

4Change Energy
Reviewed from Google

3.2 out of 5 stars

Megan Gilmore
Megan Gilmore

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

4Change Energy is a great company through and through. First off, they have low fees and their pricing is great compared to other companies available. In addition, they send weekly emails that track your energy usage for that week, how it compares to the week prior, what your cost will be for that week, and a projected estimate for your monthly bill. SO HELPFUL! This breakdown lets you see when you use the most energy, and how you can change that trend week over week.

In addition to all of that, the company is very focused on giving back to the community. You have the option to use 100% wind energy, not entirely sure how that ensure that, but the idea is great. They're really taking a stand on climate change and I love it! You can also choose from a few different charitable organizations for them to donate to. Again, not entirely sure how this works, but their prices are low AND they are making charitable contributions to an organization of your choosing.

Really, really happy we went with this company for our electricity.

Rachael Elizabeth
Rachael Elizabeth

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Referral code if you sign up with them F528779
And you get a $25 visa gift card after 2 on time payments. The current rate for the power saver 36 is .0536 its fixed for 3 years no cancellation fee for move outs. My bills at my house are as low as $66 a month. Can’t beat the price and the customer service is helpful. I sell commercial electricity so trust me I shop around and this plan is the best for long term because rates are going up.

Jose Giovanny Feurtado
Jose Giovanny Feurtado

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I am not one of many words but I can say that 4change has kept me satisfied with the plan I was given. They are very thorough in informing you with newsletters, home energy reports and giving good customer service. From past energy companies I’ve tried 4change has been best so far.

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