Manage Stress During the Holidays!

It’s the holiday season and that means every brother, sister, cousin, uncle, grandma and grandpa are knocking on the door expecting either food or a place to stay for a predetermined amount of time. Sounds stressful, right? Not only will you be worrying about a onetime ‘clean up the house and throw burgers on the grill’ visit, but a Thanskgiving/Christmas holiday! Yes yes, it’s all very stressful but this week on the Wire blog we’re sharing some tips to manage stress during the holidays.

‘Knock-knock’ the in-laws are here! The first step in planning your holiday activities is to plan ahead. Give yourself a few weeks to prepare and to set aside time in your schedule to plan for shopping, cooking and cleaning. There’s nothing worse than your father/mother in-law side-eying you because you forgot their favorite appetizer.

Another stress reliever is to stick to a budget. Think about how much you can spend on gifts or what kind of meal you can afford. Don’t try to buy happiness with expensive gifts or activities, it’s family time and regardless of what is purchased this year, we’ll warn you now, they’ll be back again next year.

A smart goal to set for yourself is to be realistic. Sure, it’s unexpected when Cousin Eddie pulls up in his RV loaded up with his kids and the family dog, but accepting things like the dog making a mess or that your younger cousin could come down with a cold are things that happen in real life outside of the holidays. The point is to not stress about having everything perfect.

And finally, give yourself a breather! We’ve all been there and there’s no reason to feel bad about it either! Slip outside for 15 minutes, or take a walk. Time alone without any distractions is healthy and enjoyable. It will release your ‘inner calm’ and help you catch a breath and clear your mind. Or, you accept the fact that you purposefully forgot the in-law’s favorite appetizer and take your breather in the car ride back to the store. 😉

For a full list on how you can manage your stress during the holidays, visit the Mayo Clinic’s article here.

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