Filling Our Hearts at Empty Bowls 2020

Empty Bowls 2020 hosted by North Texas Food Bank was such an awesome experience! 4Change sponsored the popular photo booth and took a few snaps of our own.

Tracking Your Time, Your Health and Your Energy Usage

With nearly the entire state of Texas working from home; it’s important to keep track of your time, your health and, importantly, your energy usage!

Why is My Energy Bill Higher than Normal?

What happens when you notice your energy bill is higher than normal? Did your rate change? Did your provider raise prices? Here’s tips to manage your usage!





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Justin Williams
Justin Williams

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Good Rates-

Be aware there are hidden late fees if you accidentally pay your bill late.

Invoice clearly says ‘Amount due if paid after XX’ - which I believe is a % late fee added onto your invoice.

I paid the day after the due date. $19.95 was added to my next invoice as a ‘disconnection notice fee’- in addition to the amount that was noted on invoice. I received this notice in the mail about a week after I paid. Reached out to customer service and was told the fee was valid as it was outlined in terms and services’

The late payment was definitely my fault, but this is the definition of a hidden fee since it was not outlined on invoice and automatically assessed when payment is late.

Arjun K. Visakh
Arjun K. Visakh

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

i have been a 4 change customer for a while now . I had my bill payment set up for auto payment every month . My credit card had expired and received an email regarding disconnect and I missed that email. I left home last Friday noon and came back in the evening and there is no power . I tried calling customer care and it was after 8. The automated message mentioned that you are open only Monday to Friday

I understand that that you can disconnect for non payment . However, why would your company punish a customer by disconnecting on a Friday evening and thereby making him or her wait till Monday ? Isn’t that a cruel way to punish your clients . I threw away several hundred dollars worth of food that I had purchased amidst the corona scare and me and my folks has to crash on a friends sofa / air bed for 3 nights . This is so cruel

I talked to your customer care ( 11 am ) Monday morning and they took an entire day to reinstate power (9 pm ) and I opened a case with customer and explained what was done to me ( case number - 13729) . I was supposed to get a call back and Sure enough , no response

The right thing, rather the least thing to do is to compensate me for the trauma your company put me through amidst all the issues the nation is going through right now . Please stop being cruel to your customers in the future .

Amy Do
Amy Do

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I’m very happy with 4change energy. Before them I used two companies but they not work out for me because the price is so high. But with 4 Change they have amazing plan for you and the customer services very friendly and always understanding my problem and walk me out of those. Thank you.

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